About Turf Pro Inc.

At Turf Pro Inc. we're a local company dedicated to using the best products out there to and providing the highest level of customer service possible! 

Turf Pro Inc. was established in 1987 and today services both commercial and residential customers with excellent customer service at a very reasonable price. What makes us stand out from the competition? 

First, we only use quality products for our applications. Our products contain both readily available fertilizer as well as slow-release fertilizer, allowing for consistent color and growth rate. 

Second, we firmly believe that every customer should be educated on the services provided. It is our goal to make you aware of what we are applying, what the purpose of the application is, and what you must do to achieve the best results for that application. So if you want the right the right products and the right advice about your lawn, give Turf Pro a call today!​